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Ein Vampir ([vamˈpiːɐ̯] oder [ˈvampiːɐ̯]; veraltet auch Vampyr) ist im Volksglauben und in der Mythologie eine blutsaugende Nachtgestalt. Dabei handelt es sich meist um einen wiederbelebten menschlichen Leichnam, der sich von menschlichem oder tierischem Blut ernährt und - je nach Kultur und Mythos - mit verschiedenen übernatürlichen Kräften ausgestattet ist Willkommen im Vampyr -Wiki. Wir sind eine Community-Webseite rund um das Videospiel Vampyr, in dem Jonathan Reid, ein Arzt im London des frühen 20. Jahrhunderts, zu einem Vampir wird. Jeder kann sich beteiligen und mithelfen, Informationen zum Spiel anderen Spielern zugänglich zu machen Vampyr is an action RPG created by the Paris based studio DONTNOD, which is also known for the games Remember Me and Life is Strange.In Vampyr, the player character is the physician Jonathan E. Reid, who returns home from the war to London in the year 1918. London's inhabitants suffer from the Spanish flu while another, far more sinister old power rises to spread chaos in the world Vampire sind eine Rasse übernatürlicher und blutsaugender Kreaturen, die alle einmal Menschen waren. Es gab viele Begegnungen zwischen Vampiren und den Winchesters sowie Gordon Walker und anderen Jägern.Es wurde allerdings gesagt, dass eine Begegnung mit einem Vampir eher selten ist, da Jäger diese bis zur Ausrottung gejagt hätten, obwohl sie die Fähigkeit besitzen, sich durch simple.

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  1. A vampire is a creature from folklore that subsists by feeding on the vital essence (generally in the form of blood) of the living. In European folklore, vampires are undead creatures that often visited loved ones and caused mischief or deaths in the neighbourhoods they inhabited while they were alive. They wore shrouds and were often described as bloated and of ruddy or dark countenance.
  2. Das Maskerade-Wiki ist eine Enzyklopädie über alles, was mit dem Pen & Paper Rollenspiel Vampire: die Maskerade und seinem Ableger Vampire aus der alten Welt zu tun hat. Hier wird alles Wissenswerte über die Vampire der Welt der Dunkelheit gesammelt und die Hintergründe und Geheimnisse nähe
  3. Vampires are mythical beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence (usually blood) of living creatures. In folkloric tales, vampires often visited loved ones and caused mischief or deaths in the neighborhood they inhabited when they were alive. Having existed in legend and folklore for so long, vampires have been perceived in a variety of ways over the centuries. Since the 18th century.
  4. Vampire Physiology. A vampire is a fictional creature in the role-playing games and books set in the World of Darkness settings by White Wolf Game Studio: the Classic World of Darkness and the Chronicles of Darkness (the New World of Darkness). The concept of a vampire in WoD takes many elements from the folklore surrounding traditional vampires in Western culture, and adds a number of.

In rare cases, vampires are able to sexually reproduce with other Vampires, creating a pureborn Vampire who inherits the sum of both their parents' Vampire strains, presumably making them more pure and respected than others of their species. Vampires are also able to reproduce with Lycans, given that Sonja became pregnant by Lucian. Underworld: Awakening shows that Vampires can also breed. A Vampire as depicted in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Some fans had originally speculated that Severus Snape was a vampire for various reasons, such as his pale and gaunt physical appearance, and the fact that his robes are always described as bat-like. However, J. K. Rowling said that this is entirely false. When playing Gobstones with Rowan Khanna, Jacob's sibling has the option to try to. Vampires (also known as The Cold Ones in Quileute legends) are the primary supernatural creatures of the Twilight universe. They are immortal beings who must feed on the blood of humans or animals to survive. Vampires are one of the four known supernatural species in the Twilight series, with the others being vampire-human hybrids, true werewolves (also called Children of the Moon), and.

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  1. antly western Cainites (also called Kindred), and the oriental Kuei-jin. The Cainites (also called Kindred), are descendants of Caine (the Biblical Cain), cursed with a thirst for.
  2. Vampyr ist ein Action-Rollenspiel des französischen Entwicklerstudios Dontnod Entertainment aus dem Jahr 2018. Die Handlung dreht sich um den Arzt Jonathan Reid, der sich in einen Vampir verwandelt hat und fortan lernen muss, mit seinem neuen Körper zurechtzukommen. Es erschien über den französischen Publisher Focus Home Interactive für Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 und Switc
  3. Vampires are a paradox... Demon in a human body. You're a hybrid. Natural and unnatural. You walk in both worlds, and belong to neither.Adam Vampire (also known as Van-Tal in Pylea, or lurk in Haddyn) was a species of soulless, undead demons that could only exist on Earth by leaving their own dimension and possessing human corpses. Thus, they were considered hybrids and in general looked down.

Standby power, also called vampire power, vampire draw, phantom load, ghost load or leaking electricity (phantom load and leaking electricity are defined technical terms with other meanings, adopted for this different purpose), refers to the way electric power is consumed by electronic and electrical appliances while they are switched off (but are designed to draw some power) or in standby. Vampire (ヴァンパイア Vanpaia) is an archetype of DARK monsters. Initially, they were only supported in the manga, by Blood Curse and Evil Eye of Coercion, but they received support in the TCG/OCG in Shadow Specters.The Vampire archetype is strongly associated with the Castlevania video game series, one of Konami's best selling franchises. . All members of this archetype are. Der Vampir Nick Knight arbeitet als Polizist und klärt nachts Verbrechen auf. Mehrere Haupt- und Nebencharaktere sind Vampire. 1993: Der kleine Vampir - Neue Abenteuer: Deutschland: 5. Dezember 1993 (Das Erste) 5. Dezember 1993 (Das Erste) Kinderserie: Der kleine Vampir Rüdiger und seine Schwester Anna treffen auf den Jungen Anton. A vampire is a being from folklore that subsists by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of Blood) of the living. In folklore vampires could be either undead or a living person. Vampiric entities have been recorded in most cultures; the term vampire, previously an arcane subject, was popularized in the West in the early 19th century, after an influx of vampire superstition into.

Willkommen im Vampire Diaries Wiki! Dieses Wiki sammelt Informationen zu den Serien Vampire Diaries und The Originals. Momentan umfasst das Wiki 1.640 Artikel und 13.847 Bilder. Auch du kannst dabei helfen, diese zu erweitern While vampires typically maintain their human personalities after their transformations (though magnified by the magical properties of vampirism), they are usually dehumanized to some degree, and due to both the violent tensions between witches, werewolves, and vampires (along with the in-fighting within the vampire community itself), violence, tragedy, and death of the aforementioned groups. Vampires were a type of undead that fed on blood. They were one of the most feared and powerful undead creatures. A vampire looked very much like it did when alive, but with paler skin, hardened and feral features giving them a predatory aspect, and red eyes that were hard to forget. Their hands were clawed. They did not cast shadows and had no reflections in mirrors. Vampires enjoyed fine. Vampire is a hypernym used to refer to a number of creatures that thrive on blood, which contains their victims' life force. Higher grades: Higher Vampire Alp (Alpor in The Last Wish) Katakan Mula (Moola in The Last Wish) Bruxa Nosferat Lower grades: Ekimma (Ekimmara in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt) Fleder Garkain Alpha Garkain Plumard Vampires in Sapkowski's works break with many popular. Vampyr is an action role-playing video game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Focus Home Interactive.It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on 5 June 2018, and for Nintendo Switch on 29 October 2019. The plot relates how Jonathan Reid, a doctor who has turned into a vampire, is torn between the Hippocratic Oath and his newfound bloodthirsty nature

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A vampire (吸血鬼, Kyūketsuki?) is a powerful demon created from a human virgin drained of blood by a vampire of the opposite sex, only for said vampire to offer their own blood in return. This resurrects the corpse as a newborn among the undead and perpetuates a lineage. The first vampire was Alucard. Within the Hellsing universe, there are two distinct types of vampires introduced: the. A vampire is a being from folklore who subsists by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood) of the living. In European folklore, vampires were undead beings that often visited loved ones and caused mischief or deaths in the neighbourhoods they inhabited when they were alive. They wore shrouds and were often described as bloated and of ruddy or dark countenance, markedly. The upcoming sequel Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 developed by Hardsuit Labs and published by Paradox Interactive was announced in 2019 and is planned for release on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Playstation 4 in 2021, and on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 at a later date. Warning: This Wiki contains unmarked spoilers and mature. For other uses, see Vampire (disambiguation). Vampires are races of immortal undead beings, known in the Castlevania series for being the primary antagonistic forces that threaten to cover the world in darkness and chaos. Vampires are undead, supernatural beings, whose origins come from Slavic and ancient world folklore. Believed to have originated from the reanimating corpses of restless. St. Vladimir ist keine gewöhnliche Schule, es ist eine Schule für Moroi und Dhampire ( halb Mensch, halb Moroi). Moroi lernen ihr Element - Feuer, Wasser, Erde oder Luft - zu beherrschen und die jungen Dhampire lernen die Moroi mit ihrem Leben zu beschützen. So auch Rose, ein Dhampirmädchen. Sie lernt an der Schule Moroi zu schützen, um später nach ihrem Abschluss, ihrer besten Freundin.

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This article details vampires in The Sims, The Sims 2, and The Sims 4. For the article specifically about vampires in The Sims 3, please go to Vampire (The Sims 3). Vampires are a life state first introduced in The Sims 2: Nightlife, where they are both playable and non-playable creatures.. Vampire: Die Maskerade, Originaltitel Vampire: The Masquerade, gilt als das beliebteste Spielsystem White Wolfs und als eines der beliebtesten Pen & Paper-Rollenspiele überhaupt. Es gehört zur klassischen Welt der Dunkelheit und ist das erste Spiel der Reihe. Das englische Original wurde 1991 veröffentlicht. Die deutsche Übersetzung erschien 1994 bei Feder & Schwert, die ebenfalls eigene. Vampires, also spelled Vampyres, are those affected by the condition of Vampirism (Also known as Sanguinare Vampiris in Skyrim and Porphyric Hemophilia in Oblivion and Morrowind). They can feed on the blood of any warm-blooded creatures, but are infamous for targeting mortals. The types of vampire present in Tamriel are said to number over a hundred, with nine variations in the Iliac Bay alone. Vampire is a route of progression a player can take on after being bitten by a vampire or using the Stone Mask item. It starts off with the sanguine vampire status effect for about one minecraft day. During that day, a player must drink milk or alternatively become a Vampire Hunter before the timer runs out if they wish to avoid becoming a vampire. Vampire Hunter mobs attack vampires, while. Vampires are reanimated human corpses which feed on living blood and emotions to sustain themselves. Vampires can turn humans into vampires through unspecified means, presumably by feeding off them three times on three subsequent nights. In rare cases the turned person hasn't been human, or completely human. Sometimes the term is expanded to cover all supernatural bloodsuckers, or even people.

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Vampire Names. Vampires usually retain the names of their mortal lives and as such will have a name based on the race or culture they originated from. Some change their name when they ascend to true vampires and it is accepted that long-lived true vampires who obtain grand estates take on titles of nobility such as Count, Countess, Duke, or Duchess. Notable Vampires: Count Dracula, Strahd von. Vampire. The Vampire is a boss from the original Final Fantasy, fought on the third floor of the Cavern of Earth. When the Light Warriors arrive to Melmond, they find the earth rotting and the people suffering. As the Vampire had attacked the town earlier and destroyed the church, the townsfolk believe he was also responsible for the earth rotting

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S. 307-308. Johann Scheible: Der Vampyr in den Pariser Friedhöfen. Ein höchst interessanter Criminalfall der neuesten Zeit; zunächst für Psychologen und Aerzte. Aus dem Französischen der Gazette des Tribunaux, Verlag Scheible, Stuttgart 1849 Google. Ludwig Bechstein: Wärwölfe, Vampire und Unterirdische. In: Deutsches Sagenbuch. 1853 Dieses Wiki ermöglicht euch einen Einblick in die Serie Rosario + Vampire und Rosario + Vampire Capu2, zwei Anime-Serien, die viel Gefühl und Witz in sich tragen. Die lustige und chaotische Geschichte von Tsukune und Moka-chan ist auf jedenfall etwas für Vampir Fans. Diese Animation ist ein Werk von Akihisa Ikeda und erschien als Manga im August 2004 in verschiedenen Magazine. Im Jahr 2008. Vampire: die Maskerade (engl. Original: Vampire: the Masquerade) ist ein Pen & Paper Rollenspiel vom Verlag White Wolf und wurde von Feder & Schwert ins Deutsche übersetzt. Konzipiert wurde das Spiel durch den Spieleautor Mark Rein Hagen. Vampire: die Maskerade ist in der Gegenwart angesiedelt un

Als Vampir oder Vampyr werden im Aberglauben und in der Mythologie Wesen bezeichnet, die angeblich des Nachts Menschen oder Tieren das Blut aussaugen, um sich davon zu ernähren. Früher verdächtigte man kürzlich Verstorbene, als Leichnam wieder aufzuerstehen, wobei sie zusätzlich mit - je nach Kulturkreis - verschiedenen übernatürlichen Fähigkeiten wiederkehrten. Weiterhin werden mit. Vampires are monsters in legends and stories. The first vampire stories were told in Eastern Europe, but much of how modern people see vampires was created by Bram Stoker in the famous novel, Dracula. Few people believe that vampires are real, but they are still very popular in movies, television, and books. Vampires were once people but have a supernatural curse. Some vampires must drink. Vampire is a Tier III Commonwealth destroyer that combines good maneuverability, great guns, and surprising torpedoes into a deadly package. Rounding her toolkit off is a decent stealth with the Concealment Expert commander skill, allowing stealth torpedo attacks on unsuspecting victims.. Her guns are her bread and butter. They have a high rate of fire at 12 rounds a minute, a decent fire. A vampire (吸血鬼, kyuketsuki, lit. blood sucking demon) is an undead, immortal, humanoid oddity sometimes referred to as the king of oddities. Vampires are nocturnal monsters that suck blood not only out of impulse and hunger, but to create servants who in turn become vampires in the process. Sucking blood also seems to empower them, reinforcing their various powers. Vampires are also.

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Vampires are the chosen of Huggessoa, and have existed since days before days, when the world was hardly anything at all. Even so, they are a race of very little involvement. This has to do with their nature and goals; vampires are not the kind to draw attention to themselves. They are not the type to be put into leading positions, or to rock the boat. Instead, they operate from just off stage. 4th Cookie Army. Banned from City of the Millennial Tree. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Advertisement. Fan Feed. More Cookie Run Wiki. 1 List of Cookies (Kingdom) 2 List of Cookies (OvenBreak) 3 Strawberry Crepe Cookie/Kingdom

Weapons | Vampyr Wiki. Weapons in Vampyr will be added and explained here. Jonathan used to be a soldier and officer in the army, and he is crafty, able to make Upgrades to his gear. He also has a bag of tools as a doctor that he can use, items like a hacking saw Im Band Rückkehr der Finsternis wird erläutert, dass alle Vampire über die Fähigkeit RUF DES VAMPIRS verfügen. Hat ein Vampir einen anderen erschaffen, so kann er diesem Befehlen, was dieser als marternden Gedanken in seinem Kopf empfindet. Walmir von Riebeshoff wurde als ehemaliger Sonnenlegionär schlichtweg erschlagen und nicht durch einen anderen Vampir geschaffen. Es gibt folglich.

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Dance in the Vampire Bund (ダンス イン ザ ヴァンパイアバンド, Dansu in za Vanpaia Bando) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Nozomu Tamaki. The manga was serialized in Media Factory's seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Flapper between 2005 and 2012, and is licensed for publication in English by Seven Seas Entertainment. An anime television series adaptation by. Ori was a Pureblood vampire and the former fiancé of Sara Shirabuki. Ori and Sara were planned to have an arranged marriage, both. This was probably arranged to their families and carry on the Pureblood lineage. Ori was much older than Sara and he rarely paid any attention to her as he still saw her as a little girl. During Yuki's first soirée, It was revealed that Sara turned a unknown. With vampires being one of the strongest monsters, they ironically also have the most weaknesses such as water, crosses, etc. Due to water's purifying properties, it is the Vampire's greatest weakness as it disrupts their yōki channeling ability to the point where they cannot summon up their usual battle strength, and delivers a shock to the physical body upon contact not unlike being struck. Vampire (吸血鬼, Kyūketsuki?, Blood-Sucking Demon), also called Bloodsucker (吸血種, Kyūketsu-shu?), is the general term for those who suck the blood of other living creatures. As there are various blood-sucking creatures all over the world with various different characteristics, the term bloodsucker is used as a catch-all term. The terms vampire and bloodsucker are essentially. Vampire wikis. Go to these sites for info or for help with your own wiki! Anita Blake • Being Human • Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain • Buffyverse • Cirque du Freak • Dark Shadows • The Dark Tower • Demon Accords • From Dusk Till Dawn • Midnight, Texas • NOS4A2 • True Blood • Twilight Saga • Underworld • Vampire Academy • Vampire Chronicles • The Vampire Diaries.

The Vampire Chronicles Wiki is a free, public and collaborative encyclopedia dedicated to the Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles best-selling novel series and its theater and cinema adaptations. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please respect all views and all perspectives. This wikia is meant for a better understanding of novels, and for a strong, friendly. Vampires are haughty, nocturnal monstergirls with a taste for human blood. Unusually for monsters, they generally restrict themselves to mating only with incubi. This is partially because a vampire who mates with a normal human may end up giving birth to a Dhampir. Vampires have a minor disagreement with vamp mosquitos over their presumption to the 'vampire' name, as these girls consider those. Welcome to Vampire Knight Wiki The wiki all about Vampire Knight that you can edit. We are currently editing 412 articles since June 7, 2008. Please read this wiki's policies before editing. The Vampire Knight Wiki does contain spoilers about the series. Read at your own risk Akasha was the first vampire in existence. She is known among vampires as The Great Mother. Akasha was the most beautiful vampire. Even when she was turned to stone, her skin reflected the light of the moon. Akasha had such beautiful skin that there was not a blemish present. She had very dark, nearly black lustrous eyes and cheeks that shone like pearls. She was described as having firm.

This means vampire is more effective the tankier your class is. A elder vampire ultra sigil or deep knight (both have close to 250 HP) will heal more HP per second compared to an elder vampire faceless, for example. To keep in mind, having no food reduces regen by 66%. A elder vampire with no food heals like a normal player that has food A Vampire is a mythical being who subsists by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood) of living creatures. In folkloric tales, undead vampires often visited loved ones and caused mischief or deaths in the neighbourhoods they inhabited when they were alive. They wore shrouds and were often described as bloated and of ruddy or dark countenance, markedly different from today. The Mona the Vampire Wiki is a fan created collaborative encyclopedia which aims to provide detailed information on all aspects of the Canadian animated television series, Mona the Vampire, as well as the short stories from which it is based.This includes the characters, the episodes, the locations etc. Since this is fan created, this means that everybody is free to join in and edit on this wiki Vampire Abilities Vampires And Blood Vampires tie in with the blood mechanics. Doctoring may contain useful information for you. First and foremost, vampires gain power by drinking blood. While you can go the entire round without drinking a single drop of blood, you won't unlock any of the more interesting and/or useful abilities. You gain blood by: Using the Bite Victim ability, explained.

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Tanz der Vampire ist ein deutschsprachiges Musical in zwei Akten von Jim Steinman und Michael Kunze, eine gemeinsame Idee von Roman Polański, Andrew Braunsberg und Intendant Rudi Klausnitzer, basierend auf Roman Polańskis gleichnamigem Film von 1967. Das Musical wurde am 4. Oktober 1997 unter der Regie Polańskis in Wien am Raimund Theater uraufgeführt und war dort bis zum 15 The Alpha Vampire was the very first vampire and progenitor of all other vampires. He was one of the Alpha monsters captured and interrogated by Crowley and Castiel in their efforts to locate Purgatory. He escaped Crowley's prison and set up a new nest in North Dakota, and then Montana. He was later tracked down for his blood for the weapon to defeat the Leviathans. Ultimately recognizing a. Vampire: The Requiem is a role-playing game published by White Wolf, set in the Chronicles of Darkness (New World of Darkness) setting, and the successor to the Vampire: The Masquerade line. It was first released in August 2004, together with the core rule book for the World of Darkness. Although it is an entirely new game, rather than a continuation of the old, it uses many elements of the. We're talking about a super killing machine - a thinking apex predScreenwriter of 30 Days of Night Blood to a vampire is like super fuel - and that's what gives the vampire that super power. - Scott Bowen, Author of the Vampire Survival Guide Vampires, blood-draining demons who kill to live and live to kill; verses Zombies, plague-infected ghouls with an insatiable hunger for human flesh.

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The Vampire is a melee unit in Civilization VI.It is exclusive to the Sanguine Pact secret society in the Secret Societies game mode, introduced in the Ethiopia Pack.. Attributes: Cannot be trained with Production or purchased with Faith or Gold.; Only up to four Vampires are available per game, each granted by unlocking a new title of the Sanguine Pact governor Diese Vampire glaubten fest an Gott und die Kirche und verloren auch nach dem Kuss diesen Glauben nicht. Bei anderen wiederum pervertierte der Kuss diesen Glauben und sie wurden als Schwarze Engel bezeichnet, die es als ihre Aufgabe sehen, Satans Werk auf der Erde zu tun. Desweiteren existieren noch die sogenannten Fatalisten, die fest davon überzeugt sind, dass kein Vampir einen freien. Instructing the older vampires to kill younger ones, and also making contact with older ones to set him free. Amel instructs Roshamandes to destroy Maharet and Mekare so that he could become the new bearer of the sacred core. After killing Maharet and holding Mekare captive Rosh confronts the newly established Vampire government and their Prince Lestat. Forced to surrender, Rosh is left at the. Blut ist eine lebenswichtige Körperflüssigkeit. Vampire verspüren oft einen starken Durst nach Blut, den sie stillen, indem sie Ratten oder Menschen aussaugen. Außerdem können Vampire mit ihren Sinnen den Blutkreislauf eines Menschen wahrnehmen. Wird ein Bürger außerhalb eines Kampfes von Jonathan Reid ausgesaugt, erhält der Spieler Erfahrungspunkte, die er benötigt, um Fähigkeiten. History. The Alpha Vampire was the very first vampire and has a psychic connection with other vampires, whom he deems his children. By the year 2006, vampires had been hunted so intensively and become so rare that John Winchester had thought they were extinct. But in the year 2011, as directed by Eve, the Alpha Vampire uses his psychic connection to encourage vampires to focus on increasing.